Multiple output indexes in Pentaho CDA

Until today, if you wanted to reuse a query in a .cda file with a different output spec, you needed to duplicate it as many times as you needed different outputs, today i committed a code change that allows all you guys to specify it directly in the same DataAccess xml node:

<DataAccess id="1" connection="1" type="sql" access="public" cache="true" cacheDuration="3600">
<Output indexes="1,0,2,3"/>
<Output id="2" indexes="1,0,2"/>
<Output id="3" indexes="0,2,3"/>

To use a different output you just need to specify the outputIndexId parameter in the call to the doQuery servlet! 🙂

All this code was developed internally at Xpand IT, I just wrapped it up, cleaned the code and committed it back 🙂